Publicado el 28 de Oct. 2018


MCT Oil Benefits | They Are Really Incredible is a video that gives you the top benefits and reasons that you would want to consume MCT Oil.

MCT oil benefits are quite fascinating. It really unreal you can get so many incredible benefits from such a simple oil.

It is important to realize the difference in MCT oil vs. coconut oil. Coconut oil only contains 15% of the medium chain triglycerides whereas MCT oil is 100% MTC’s. The remainder of the coconut oil is made up of long chain fatty acids, which are still great for the body. However, these just can’t be absorbed and utilized the same way that the medium chain fatty acids are utilized.

MCT oil benefits keto in a huge way. When you are on the ketogenic diet, this can help you produce more ketones. Thus, making it much easier for you to remain in ketosis as the MCT’s are broken down into ketones.

MCT oil benefits before and after are really incredible as well. Many people report losing weight while on MCT oil, increased brain performance, a decrease in neurological symptoms, improved gastrointestinal health, and an overall greater sense of health and wellbeing. I personally love MCT oil for the fact that its simple to use and can offer you all theses amazing benefits.

MCT oil side effects are virtually non-existent. Some people who have a sluggish gallbladder or had their gallbladder removed may react poorly. Otherwise most people are just fine consuming MCT Oil.

MCT oil intermittent fasting can be a confusing topic because many people say it doesn’t break the fast. This oil is high calorie so it will certainly break your fast. Depending on your goals you may not care. However if you want to adhere to a strict fast, then you will not want to be using MCT oil while trying to maintain a fast with intermittent fasting or one meal a day.


If your looking for the benefits of MCT oil in your coffee or even the benefits of MCT oil keto, the benefits all remain the same. Be sure to use this oil if you want to receive all the amazing benefits that I talk about in this video.